Glowing and Charging Behavior - Hush

Glowing and Charging Behavior

Charge Glow Full Size


When the lights are glowing on and off slowly, that indicates that Hush is being charged. When the glowing stops completely, this means Hush is fully charged. This can take up to 6 hours. If you take a fully charged earplug out of the case and plug it back into the case, the corresponding light will glow for a few seconds, then turn back off.

You may notice that the glowing turns on again a few hours after it has stopped glowing. Because Hush communicates with your smartphone even while it’s in the Charge Case, it consumes a small amount of power in the Case, which over the course of a few hours, will drain Hush away from a fully topped off charge. Rather than continually topping Hush off, the Charge Case waits until Hush has dropped to a certain level before topping Hush off again. This is why the charge lights may begin glowing for 20-30 minutes every few hours. We do this to best care for the baby sized battery in Hush. See “Understanding the Earplug Battery”

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