Maximizing Noise Isolation - Hush

Maximizing Noise Isolation

Hush blocks out sound using the combination of two proven methods: Passive Noise Reduction and Noise Masking. Like an earplug, Hush’s foam passively reduces outside noise by up to 30dB. Then, any remaining noise that makes it through the earplug is masked out with Hush’s soothing sound machine. By synergistically combining an earplug with a sound machine, Hush can effectively take out a 90dB outside noise and replace it with a 60dB soothing sound.

In order to do this, it is critical to understand Noise Masking to unlock Hush’s full noise blocking potential. The science behind effective Noise Masking is simple: play soothing sounds with the same frequencies as the noise you’re trying to block out to achieve maximum noise blocking. For example, low bass frequencies in a soothing sound mask out low frequency disturbing noises (e.g. thunder). High treble frequencies in a soothing sound mask out high frequency disturbing noises (e.g. honking cars).

Be sure to try out a few different noise masking sounds when exposed to different disturbing noises to figure out which sound masks that environment best!

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