Understanding the Earplug Battery - Hush

Understanding the Earplug Battery

Battery Level Indicator

When connected to your smartphone, Hush will tell you how much battery it has left on the Devices page. The approximate battery percentage that the battery bars equate to is explained in the graphic above.

Being that Hush is the smallest rechargeable bluetooth wearable to date, Hush also comes with a baby sized battery. And like a baby, the battery must be treated with extra special care and attention. This is why we charge Hush slowly, just as a baby should be fed. This is why we don’t top Hush off constantly, but have the Charge Case top off every few hours – we don’t stuff the baby constantly, but feed it only when necessary to ensure Hush is always well-fed and ready to go. Hush is a baby, and the Charge Case is its cradle. The Charge Case will do the job of caring for Hush, so don’t worry, Hush doesn’t come with any parenting overhead. Just put Hush back home in it’s cradle when you’re done, and Hush will stay healthy, happy, and ultimately long lasting.

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