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Why Does the Hush App Not Find My Earplugs?


Is it charged and detected by the charge case?

First, make sure they can be detected and charged by the charge case! The way to verify this, is to take the earplugs out of the charge case, then plug them back in. When the earplugs are charging correctly, you should see a glowing behavior as follows:


Make sure the charge case isn’t out of battery!

Notice that the above behavior is a different light pattern than the “Charge Case is out of battery” light indication below. The below behavior indicates that you need to plug the USB charge cable into the back of the charge case:

Troubleshooting Steps

After verifying that your earplugs are indeed able to be detected and charged by the charge case, please also make sure that you or someone else near you didn’t connect to the earplugs using a different smartphone.

If the earplug is still not being found, please restart your smartphone.

If you have:
1) Verified the earplug is being detected/charged by the app,
2) Verified that another device is not connected to the earplug
3) Reset your bluetooth connection
4) Restarted your smart phone
then it may be that the earplug is stuck in a rare “unconnectable” software mode, and the only way to resolve it is to reset the earplugs.

If you are on the latest app version, and the earplugs are successfully updated to the latest earplug software, then you can reset the earplugs by plugging them into the charge case 10 times in a row. Each earplug plug-in should be done at a pace of 2 seconds in, 2 seconds out. Make sure that the lights are glowing blue each time you plug the earplugs in – sometimes the charge case may be slow to detect it.

After resetting using the above techniques, please turn the earplugs back on by plugging them into the charge case.

There is also the probability that if you are using a not-as-common Android smartphone that we may have not tested, this non-connecting issue may be due to an Android device compatibility issue. In this case, please email us at support@hush.technology with your Android smartphone model number and OS number so that we can try to ensure compatibility!