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My Earplugs Do Not Last the Night?


How to Maximize Sound Playback


There are two main ways to maximize the sound playback length. The first is to make sure that the earplugs are fully topped off. After the charge case fully charges the earplugs, it doesn’t start recharging them again until they drop to a certain battery level. If you unfortunately pull the earplugs out right before the charge case begins its next ‘top-off’ period, the sound playback length will be shorter.

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Check Your Volume!


The biggest influence on battery life is the sound playback volume. At the lowest volume, you should be able to get about 8 hours, but it does drop off quite a bit as you get to the higher volumes. At the max volume, you will get closer to 5 hours. We were hoping that we could get medium volume sounds to hit 8 hours, but unfortunately our tests have found that we can only do so at the lowest volume. Sorry that this is sub-optimal.


The Smart Auto-Shutoff Function


Also, to be clear, the earplugs do smartly auto-shutoff the sound to ensure that enough battery is maintained to still sound your alarm in the morning – just in case you were concerned that you wouldn’t hear your alarm.


Still Concerned?


There have been some cases where some earplugs have gotten considerably less battery than the specified 5-8 hours. If this is the case with your earplugs, we could process replacement earplugs to make sure that you get earplugs that meet spec! Just email us at!