Things To Know - Hush

The Charge Case

Glowing and Charging Behavior

Charge Glow Full Size


When the lights are glowing on and off slowly, that indicates that Hush is being charged. When the glowing stops completely, this means Hush is fully charged. This can take up to 6 hours. If you take a fully charged earplug out of the case and plug it back into the case, the corresponding light will glow for a few seconds, then turn back off.

You may notice that the glowing turns on again a few hours after it has stopped glowing. Because Hush communicates with your smartphone even while it’s in the Charge Case, it consumes a small amount of power in the Case, which over the course of a few hours, will drain Hush away from a fully topped off charge. Rather than continually topping Hush off, the Charge Case waits until Hush has dropped to a certain level before topping Hush off again. This is why the charge lights may begin glowing for 20-30 minutes every few hours. We do this to best care for the baby sized battery in Hush. See “Understanding the Earplug Battery”

Low Battery Indication

Low Battery Full Size

When the lights blink rapidly after you insert Hush, that means that the Charge Case is out of battery.
When this happens, you need to plug the Charge Case into power with the provided USB cable.

Charging the Case

USB Plug In Full Size

To charge your Charge Case, plug your USB cable into any standard USB jack – any USB outlet should work, whether it’s on your wall jack, or your laptop, or whether you’re in the US or in China – then take the micro-USB end and plug that into the back of the Charge Case. When you have successfully plugged in, the Charge Case will blink up to 5 times. The number of blinks will tell you how much battery your charge case has left (1 blink means the Case has less than 20% battery and 5 blinks equals a full charge). The Charge Case will take up to 3 hours for a full charge.


The Earplugs

Using the Right tips

Replacing Tips Full Size

Choosing the correct tips for Hush is critical for proper effectiveness and comfort. Hush sits deep in the ear like a normal earplug and should stay flush in ear to ensure maximum comfort – this is especially important for the side sleeper. You should start with the short small foam tips just to make sure you know how Hush is supposed to sit, then size up for a tighter fit with better noise isolation as you see fit. To change out your tips, follow the technique above. Be careful to secure the tip all the way onto the stem to ensure it doesn’t come off!

Proper Insertion

Insertion - Orient
1) Orient. With your right hand, hold the “Right” earplug using your thumb and index finger with the “R” directly visible to you. When inserted, the “R” should remain right-side up.

Insertion - Compress
2) Compress. Compact the foam with your left fingers.

Insertion - Twist
3) Twist. Quickly insert into right ear with a twisting motion

Insertion - Pull
You may find it helpful to reach over your head with your left hand to pull your right ear up. This straightens out the ear canal for easier insertion.
Insertion - CorrectInsertion - Incorrect
4) Repeat. Do the mirrored action to get your Left Hush in.

Understanding the Earplug Battery

Battery Level Indicator

When connected to your smartphone, Hush will tell you how much battery it has left on the Devices page. The approximate battery percentage that the battery bars equate to is explained in the graphic above.

Being that Hush is the smallest rechargeable bluetooth wearable to date, Hush also comes with a baby sized battery. And like a baby, the battery must be treated with extra special care and attention. This is why we charge Hush slowly, just as a baby should be fed. This is why we don’t top Hush off constantly, but have the Charge Case top off every few hours – we don’t stuff the baby constantly, but feed it only when necessary to ensure Hush is always well-fed and ready to go. Hush is a baby, and the Charge Case is its cradle. The Charge Case will do the job of caring for Hush, so don’t worry, Hush doesn’t come with any parenting overhead. Just put Hush back home in it’s cradle when you’re done, and Hush will stay healthy, happy, and ultimately long lasting.


The App

Where can I download the app?

For iOS you can download the app here

For Android you can download the app here

Filtering Notifications

In Android, it’s easy to filter your phone calls and notifications, just head over to the Settings page.

For iOS, it’s a little more tricky. In order to filter phone calls, you need to go into iOS’s Do Not Disturb function inside of the iOS Settings, and use that to determine which calls make it through the noise block.

Maximizing Noise Isolation

Hush blocks out sound using the combination of two proven methods: Passive Noise Reduction and Noise Masking. Like an earplug, Hush’s foam passively reduces outside noise by up to 30dB. Then, any remaining noise that makes it through the earplug is masked out with Hush’s soothing sound machine. By synergistically combining an earplug with a sound machine, Hush can effectively take out a 90dB outside noise and replace it with a 60dB soothing sound.

In order to do this, it is critical to understand Noise Masking to unlock Hush’s full noise blocking potential. The science behind effective Noise Masking is simple: play soothing sounds with the same frequencies as the noise you’re trying to block out to achieve maximum noise blocking. For example, low bass frequencies in a soothing sound mask out low frequency disturbing noises (e.g. thunder). High treble frequencies in a soothing sound mask out high frequency disturbing noises (e.g. honking cars).

Be sure to try out a few different noise masking sounds when exposed to different disturbing noises to figure out which sound masks that environment best!